Work with me -2

I offer a personalised three-month package

designed exclusively for women in
perimenopause and menopause.

What’s Included

Comprehensive Health Assessment:

A thorough assessment of your health history, symptoms, food diary analysis and individual needs. Understanding your unique experiences allows us to tailor the programme specifically to you.

Personalised Nutrition Plan:

Menopause brings shifts in metabolism and nutritional requirements. Together, we’ll create a customised nutrition plan to support your hormone balance, manage weight, give you a calmer mind with improved memory.

Lifestyle Interventions:

Beyond nutrition, lifestyle plays an important role in menopause wellness. We’ll work on implementing targeted lifestyle changes, including stress management techniques, mindset strategies, exercise routines and sleep enhancing methods to improve your energy levels and help you to reach your happy weight.

Supplement Guidance:

Based on your individual needs, we’ll discuss and integrate targeted supplements to address specific menopausal symptoms, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and support overall health. Medications will be reviewed and possible drug nutrient interactions examined. 10% discount on practitioner grade supplements.

Test Recommendations and Interpretations:

To identify root causes and deficiencies.

Regular Check-in’s:

Throughout the three months, we’ll have weekly check-ins to monitor progress, discuss any challenges, and adjust the plan as needed. This ensures that you reach your health goals, and I cheerlead you along every step of the way.

Educational Resources:

Knowledge is empowering. You’ll receive resources and information to deepen your understanding of menopause enabling you to make informed decisions about your health.

Community Support:

Join a supportive community of women on a similar journey. Shared experiences, insights and encouragement, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared wins.

My full attention: to support you in achieving the transformations you want.

Investment for Reclaiming Your Health

Three months is the time it takes for new habits to be formed and for you to begin to see results.

The package is priced at £899 offering a comprehensive and personalised approach to guide you toward a heathier, empowered menopausal experience.