" Just wanted to thank you for your time, energy, enthusiasm & yummy samples today. The information was useful on multiple levels & on my arrival home this evening we had a full & frank discussion about our family diet & how we might improve it "


"Daksha has a holistic and scientific approach to her clients."

She demonstrates a high level professionalism especially in Diabetes Type 2 area. I had gestational diabetes, and consulted her to guide me for preventation of this disease. She gave me many guidelines that I could apply easily in my routine. Without eliminating any food groups, she provided many tips to maintain a healthy blood sugar. Daksha is very knowledgable and always up to date with the latest in nutrition, plus she is very friendly!


" With Daksha's help I have learned how to eat healthily and of course lose weight at the same time."


She is very patient. I trust in her knowledge and feel well prepared with regards to food and nutrition. All the recipes and advice have helped me greatly.


" I can’t thank Daksha enough. She has been very thorough in understanding my many ailments. She has very clearly explained changes I need to implement to tackle my IBS symptoms, from simple lifestyle adjustments to precise recommendation of food supplements. She has given me more confidence to not worry when socialising and eating out. This is still work in progress, but I strongly feel that Daksha has equipped me with the right tools to persist! "


"This session's topic was 'Immunity' and it was brilliant.
Very well organised and very informative."

Daksha gave me healthy food and snack ideas that I managed to adopt into my busy lifestyle (golden milk, fermented vegetables, breakfast bars, healthy snacks, smoothies, muffins etc). All recipes were given to me and I managed to follow them very easily at home.

Several home-made snacks were already prepared and served during the session so I could taste the recipes before going ahead and making them. All freshly made and organic. Definitely will arrange another session to cover other topics. I can't recommend Daksha enough. She is professional and dedicated to her clients!


"Thanks Daksha Foat, Balance to Thrive, thanks to your amazing detox plan the dress felt comfortable!"


"Feeling less bloated, learnt new things about foods and what is good for you that I will stick with and carry on, as when you get older you need those foods."


Book a Free 20-minute call
to see how we can work together

Book a Free 20-minute call
to see how we can work together