I offer personalised 1:1 support
for clients in the UK and internationally via Zoom.

There is no magic pill that improves health overnight. Typically, it takes a minimum of three months for healthy habits to become ingrained and for transformations to develop. By taking small, manageable steps that seamlessly blend into your daily routine, you can improve your health, long-term, and find it easier to maintain these changes without feeling overwhelmed or frustrated. Eating healthy becomes a natural way of life.

It’s time to take back control of your health and create a life that you love!

How do I get started?

1. Book a free call

You’ll receive a short form to fill out before our chat, ensuring efficient use of our time. Then we’ll have a 20-minute call to discuss your symptoms, challenges and health goals. I’ll recommend how I can support you and suggest a tailored programme. This call is also your chance to ask questions and check if I’m the right match for your needs.

2. Root Cause Consultation: 75 minutes

You fill out a Health Review Form providing details about your health history, symptoms, current conditions, recent tests, dietary habits, and lifestyle. A bespoke plan will be created from these insights, guiding you through realistic changes that fit into your life.

3. Support every step of the way

We recognise that accountability and overcoming challenges are crucial for lasting change. That’s why our programmes provide continuous support to track progress, tackle difficulties, and access messaging between sessions.

During your complimentary call, we’ll explore which programme best aligns with your health goals.

Fuel: £450 (6 Weeks)

After your Root Cause Consultation, there will be 2 follow-up sessions.

Ignite: £785 (3 Months)

After your Root Cause Consultation, weekly sessions will be scheduled for the first month, followed by sessions every 2 weeks.

Energise: £1400 (6 Months)

Following your Root Cause Consultation, sessions will be every 2-3 weeks, tailored for complex health concerns.

I’m fully committed to supporting you!


• Enjoying uninterrupted sleep throughout the night.
• Waking up, full of energy and ready to conquer the day.
• No more sugar cravings and steady energy throughout the day.
• Shedding excess weight and keeping it off.
• Waving goodbye to brain fog and hello to clear thinking.
• Pain free PMS, symptom free perimenopause and menopause.
• Gaining insight into the root causes of your health concerns.
• Knowing how to take care of you because you are unique.
• Avoiding medication while transforming your health for the better.

All of this is 100% possible - if you’re dedicated to making changes.

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