Digestive Health

Digestive Health

These symptoms can be indicators of poor gut health. The digestive system includes organs that work together to transform the food that you eat into energy and nutrients that your body needs. Around 70% of your immune cells are in your gut and every cell in your body needs nutrients so optimal functioning of your gut is important. When one or more parts of your digestive health fail to work properly you may begin to experience brain fog, bloating, poor immunity, acne, food intolerances and other symptoms.

Identifying the root cause of your issue and rebalancing this may alleviate your symptoms as well as increasing energy, improving mood and helping you with weight management.

Specific Functional Health tests can help to identify issues such as low stomach acid, pancreatic enzymes, parasites, histamine intolerance or Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) that can all cause bloating and other digestive issues.

Evidence shows that dietary and lifestyle changes such as eating fermented foods to boost your gut microbiome or mindful eating can improve your digestive health and also benefit other areas of your body.

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