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My hormone struggles began in my teens with excruciating PMS that led to monthly absences from school. I loved school and missed seeing my friends. Every month, I’d be filled with dread about my period starting. Fast-forward to my late 30’s, my periods became erratic, I became forgetful, struggled with brain fog, felt super emotional and tired a lot of the time, hello Perimenopause. In those days, my philosophy was work hard, play hard. I ignored the signs of early Perimenopause. I hadn’t even heard of it. Instead, I thought I needed to rest but there was never the time, except when I went to sleep. Seeing a GP hadn’t even occurred to me.

It impacted my career. Sadly, after two decades in the corporate world I felt I was unable to perform and took the difficult decision to leave my job. I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I wanted to start a family so menopause was not in the picture.

I was determined to manage my symptoms naturally so I studied BioMedicine and Nutrition for three years in London, which I loved. The human body is fascinating! During Perimenopause, the body recalibrates with hormone fluctuations. It is during this time, we need to prioritise our health to prevent Type 2 Diabetes, Osteoporosis and other conditions from developing. I feel passionate about empowering women with knowledge and supporting them through Perimenopause and beyond. I love seeing my clients transition from feeling ‘invisible, anxious, out of control with their health to standing tall, empowered, confident, and full of energy.

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Book a Free 20-minute call
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