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Employee well-being and resilience are becoming increasingly strategic priorities. The cost of poor employee mental health has soared to a record £53-56 billion. The good news is that employers how invest in staff employee wellbeing see an average return of £5.30 for every £1 spent.

We work with companies in the UK and worldwide supporting working people to be at their most energised, purposeful, happy and creative best. Our personalised approach is highly valued by our clients as we aim to surpass their expectations.

Nutrition Workshops (in-person)

These workshops offer simple but impactful tips and techniques to enhance the health and wellbeing of your employees and team members.

Below are some examples of our most popular workshops:

Eat Well
Feel Well

What, when and how much to eat to feel good.


Eating to Stay Energised

Discover the best and worst foods to keep you energised throughout the day.


Mood Boosting Nutrition

Nourishing foods that enhance mental health.

Mastering Sleep

How to achieve restorative sleep every night.

Stress Resilience

Nutrition hacks and strategies to combat stress.

Menopause Wellness

Hormone balancing foods and lifestyle solutions.



Boosting Natural Immunity

Eating for immune health.


Healthy Eating for Busy People

Preparing quick, nutritious meals and snacks.


Optimising Digestive Health

Happy, healthy, digestion for optimal health.

Approximate fees (in-person):
Half-day £450.00; Full day £900

Corporate Nutritionist & Speaker Daksha Foat

With more than three decades of experience in the corporate and public sector, including roles at Sony, Amazon, eBay, Debenhams, McLaren and HMRC, I understand the challenges of achieving work-life balance firsthand. Far too often, personal health takes a back seat until illness forces attention. But it doesn’t have to be this way. My pragmatic approach to corporate nutrition and wellbeing offers straightforward solutions that your employees can implement right away.

As a certified Nutritionist, Health Coach, and DNA Practitioner, I combine nutritional therapy (focused on the science of what and when to eat) with motivational coaching in my wellness programmes.

Daksha foat

Corporate Clients

Ways to Work Together


Learn about a range of hot topics in food nutrition and health to enhance employee wellbeing. Our sessions combine evidence-based science with practical applications, catering to the needs of remote workers and employees in satellite offices. Topics range from Mastering Sleep and Foods to Boost Mental Health to Menopause Wellness.
Price starts at £200

Health Stand

A healthy eating nutrition stand, available either in the office or online, where employees can drop by throughout the day to learn how to improve their health through diet and lifestyle techniques. They can get their questions answered. This is perfect for busy offices where staff might struggle to attend a scheduled talk.
£150 per hour (min 2hrs)

Pop-up Nutrition Clinic

One-to-one private consultations available in person or online, can be scheduled in advance or accessed via a drop-in-clinic to address personal concerns with a tailored plan to follow. This is ideal for those seeking a more confidential setting. Each session would be 30 minutes per person.
In-person clinics, 10 sessions @ £1200 plus travel costs
Online clinics, 10 sessions @ £1000.00

Book a Free 20-minute call
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Book a Free 20-minute call
to see how we can work together